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production and sales of 3D target archery


3D archery - a kind of archery where archers shoot
Target having the form of live animals, a life-size, in natural terrain.

Create 3D targets

We make full copyrights of the target from the master model before painting. Coloring manually each unique target.
Manufacturing of figures, not only for its intended use as targets, but also for promotional purposes, as well as for deorativno-art interior design, garden, etc. (UV resistant).









Testing of the material of our 3D targets.
Two samples were tested "Harzé" of varying density "rubber" (let's call the material so). The density difference is 1.6 times.
Shot mostly from Long 49 pounds - Bearpaw Dakota (arrows - carbon express Heritage with combo points), and the block-Hoyt Vantage about 55 # 31 ", the rate of about 300-320 fps (arrow Easton Super slim digital in 2317, 9.3 mm 630gr. )
They were shooting at the shooting range "Maximus" (g. Novosibirsk), a half hour, made about 50 shots.
We believe that tire showed great! Arrows were not "on the fly" even in the soft sample (due to the softness of the energy quenched excellent). However, the animal with such shelling is strong enough to "jump" dart "take a strong liking" is fired from block material after recess was delayed arrows, almost tore chunks from the back side. Soft pattern worn out faster, but it is much easier and arrows dostovalis bukvalno fingers from the sample denser block arrows sometimes dragged puller.
The only identified during testing defect - painting. This problem was solved, and new targets it holds perfectly on booms remains, does not tarnish and does not crumble.
With density rubber experiments continue ...

















In serial production it was adopted more dense rubber.
The target was tested for six weeks (since the first movie). # 55 In the main unit, withstood more than 200 hits in the end zone. In the broken places "holds" not only Long # 49 (as seen in the photo), but the arrow from the block # 55 stop.


















Our manufacturing technology enables a partial repair of damaged targets. The price of repair depends on the amount of damage and negotiated separately.

Since the first production and testing of our targets it's a lot of tournaments. Our targets have left for many countries. In the first clip we decided on a more dense and durable material. Almost immediately after the first tests we selected a paint that is suitable for our purposes. The material and coloring was completely justified. This video is for our new friends and people carrying bows in other countries, except for Russia, who haven't met our targets.

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production and sales of 3D target archery


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