Siberian arrow

production and sales of 3D target archery


3D archery - a kind of archery where archers shoot
Target having the form of live animals, a life-size, in natural terrain.

Shooting Club "Siberian arrow" not only produces 3D target archery, but also organizes and conducts training and competition of 3D archery. And for such events and awards need appropriate: author's design and, of course, our own production!

We have developed its own logo for the event, and the manufacture of products

For the first tournament 3D archery in Novosibirsk we coined sketch premium "Cup" ...

.... And us as it was embodied in a reality!

Cup and medals "SIBERIAN arrow" in 2015

Application logo - glass matting

Pocket quiver handmade

Medals for the tournament,

          " Zombie Apocalypse "

Cup and medals "SIBERIAN arrow 2016"

Siberian arrow 

production and sales of 3D target archery


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