Siberian arrow

production and sales of 3D target archery


3D archery - a kind of archery where archers shoot
Target having the form of live animals, a life-size, in natural terrain.

Habitat targets

Frei S.


Very nice work! Continue with more special animals!

КопияAnton W.


Many Thanks for the great Targets that look really great !!!!

Thanks for the nice dinosaurs many greets!

Dmitriy K.

Vidnoye Moscow oblast.

I bought the target rabbit (running), that is to say, target is great. The rabbit looks alive. Great job! Thank you! Guys, I wish you further development and plenty of new targets. ) I would like to see in selling wild boar, grouse, Fox, and so on. )

Robert G

U.S.A. New Mexico


Thank you very much for your fast shipping excellent service AAA+++

Kevin S.



very good:)

Niklas G.



Exellent seller extrem qvality

Jirka K.

Czech Republic


I highly recommend this seller. Very genuine target.

Daniel S.

U.S.A. California


Excellent 3D Targets! Unique, Fun & well-crafted! Highly Recommend! THX. Holds an arrow well! Quick Delivery & Great Communication! A+

Dirk R.


Hello Andrei and Natalya,
we had a nice tournament with some of your 3Ds and all the shotters were excited of your animals.

Wonderful item, great ebayer, fast shipping, every time again and many thanks!!!

Allan A.

U.S.A. Montana

I bought this target from Russia. Glass eyes..whiskers...I hate to shoot it! The Russian target maker will be sending apples to sit on the Meekrat's head. The course is developing into something special!


o well done, I hate to put an arrow in it. Beautiful workmanship!

Olga Sviridova

Saint Petersburg

You have received the package =) Yasha is beautiful! and apples are indistinguishable from the real thing! Thanks for the gift =)

Maria Grigoryeva


Yasha and the rat came!!!!! What are they great. Open
And there is also a Souvenirs! It is so nice. Thank you!

Vladimir Stepin


Good day! Andrei parcel received, thanks for the Apple. DBR targets can only say one thing, there is a tremendous disadvantage... sorry for such a shoot:) But seriously, well done guys thank you very much. But to shoot this beauty all exactly sorry.

Dmitrii Kartawih


Welcome! Yasha got! everything on time and fast! The quality is great! Friends are already asking about You and your work! So you will have more orders from Samara the ground! PS try as mechani failed, because once this beauty was "depressed" daughter as a domestic toy words - He's so cute and pretty,no one will shoot him! Thank you for the gift icon - will be added to the collection! Continue to follow your work! You rock! wish you success in this business! Good luck in the archery business!

Georgi Filipiv


Quite a long time familiar with the target "Siberian arrows" on the competition. Somewhere six months ago and began to collect his personal collection, but since other targets didn't shoot - there was nothing to compare with it. Just yesterday returned from the Cup of Kuzbas on which the Park targets submitted by another manufacturer. In General what I want to say. Compared Eleven'native targets - as above! The surface of the targets, as they are not such dobovo, the holes are tightened better, but about the quality of detail and painting, I generally keep quiet. Strongly recommend targets from Andrew and Natalia, and wish to have their creations turned out to be some of the most prestigious tracks of the world.

Egor Nechin

St. Petersburg

Well, what can I say... Two apples, 4 workout. In total, each took shots at 80 9/32 carbon with amps from 45 pounds. Arrows hold and continue to hold, arrows can be removed with just two fingers. But this combination of arrows and power bow is not very good for their condition: on one side is already "cut" for a couple of inches deep, in several places hits on a tangent scraps of torn (not every hit is capable of it). At some distance continue to look chic, war wounds, did not affect the density and targets and use them to their destination.
Target is cool, will repair and continue to shoot not in such a brutal regime. Want Yasha, that was the diversity, and it was possible to preserve the apples.

Rustam Salahov


Target is super easy to withdraw if not a strong liking to my bow to shoot I have 55 horses from blotnica Yes a bit strong liking and then Meerkat only

Sergey Nikitin


Target excellent! Аwesome work of the sculptor and a very high quality target material . You do not often see a tournament of such a high quality target

Mikhail Kapustin

Komsomolsk -on-Amur

Gift reached me in a complete set ) ) ) , today tested on survivability , very pleased with the result) , holds blochnik 65# ) . ONCE AGAIN MANY THANKS !!!

Alexander Akatkin


The target is of excellent quality ! ' Wounds ' after hits from traditional bows (at least up to ~ 42 # ) are tightened , the problems with the extraction of arrows is not observed. Made target very nice , well- detail . Indeed the soul is made !

Maria Motril

St. Petersburg

We have lives of their pig coloring amazing, and heels so vibrantly shines, that I want him to kiss))))
The material is soft and elastic, delayed the opening of the arrows like eleven'ovskih targets.

Matthew Anatolyev

Tumen, Ishim

He became the owner of the target standing Krol! Only positive impressions! Quality at an altitude !!! I recommend to everyone! Terms of manufacturing operational! Thanks guys! We look forward to expanding the range! ;)
Today had shot a hare. Material quality is excellent. Holes are tightened! Thanks again! I will recommend you

Ageev Kiril (Russian club hunting with a bow)

Moscow region, Pavlovsky Posad

Hello friends! First I want to again thank you for the excellent job of creating such a wonderful 3d target and the quality of work with a client in particular. I mean work with the organization of the delivery order, etc.). At your request, I send you a brief report report about the shooting) is working on a target with a friend of the two blochnikov 60 pounds from a distance of 15 to 50 meters arrows easton "power fligt" and FMG. Information on the status of the pig photo after about 350 hits. main bunch comes in a kill zone area. Because of the very small distances are not fired, then 11 points is not much point is broken, and thus the texture of rubber looks quite intact. It should be noted we were just pleasantly surprised by its resistance! In the photo where you can see my hand, specially photographed Central heating zone, which presses a finger to be seen that the structure of the rubber is not much disturbed. We perform tests on! Thanks again and look forward to the larger specimens from you!

Elena Novikova

Moscow, Novosibirsk

Guys, thank you for the rabbit! It is wonderful, my mother almost in tears when she found out what it is;)
I liked that the guys responsible and contact. I made the beast just in time for the week (they said that they could before, but I did not have so early). We took into account my wishes as possible carrying the beast, and the installation (two PVC tubes and two metal pegs, painted, for greater corrosion resistance).
Onions - Specialist Boutek 58 pounds, boom - VAP V1.
The first sustained contact with perfect holes were tightened after the removal of arrows. There was only a speck barely worn paint.
Honestly I can not say how many hits in the 11 to start ryhlet this area, but the impression of the beast remained good. Arrows continue to linger in the carcass (if the ears do not shoot, but even two ears - delay). To be safe, I put the beast izolonovogo quarter-sheet (but it's more for when an incorrect distance).
Beast lightweight, resistant, the material begins to be a bit on the arrows when you get to the broken area, but only slightly, and cleaned easily (do not grease the boom at all). I suppose that if the boom lubricated, then the material will not stay on the boom.
Scoring zones are made carefully, even if it enters into a loose part can determine the dignity hit.
Wish - zachetke do not symmetrical, but as manufacturers sometimes make: on the one hand - the closer to the head, the other - closer to the tail. Then, turning the target, you can actually get a new one.
For blochnikov can do zachetke under the tail :)
Pieces of material after the break was the scoring area of ​​the beast did not drop out. Appearance remained excellent.
Thank you again for your work!

Ekaterina Frolova

Murmansk region Murmansk,,

Male vacation experienced pig said. All great, but the hind legs have stronger, more dense, it is like the "sit" (his words) of its weight (or when you get up to him a few times). And the target is very pleased, thank you! His way. at the airport for a live piglet adopted))

Ekaterina Sereschenko

Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk

The targets are very beautiful !!! Particularly hog! ^ _ ^
Arrows pull out easily, the holes on the target to do.
I think of the acquisition.

Ruslan Lyubov

Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk

Better target seen. The material is very good. Arrows do not take a strong liking and unlike rubber removed easily. But his eyes and mustache, super)) I hope and see large individuals)

Archery-crossbow club "arrows and bolts"

Vladimir region., Vlvdimir

Many thanks to the manufacturer - an excellent target. Very high quality of detail, a good painting. The target is pleasing to the eye. Holes after the shots are tightened as the T 1000 (liquid terminator) .Budu take more.
Took meerkat) do not cease to admire the workmanship) Spasibo.Dazhe shoot was sorry)

Dmitry Guzev

Krym, Fheodosia

"Shoot at" Spring boom. "The targets have proved to be at its best! Thank you for the excellent quality! "
  - "I have children of your home Harzé play! So they ponrvilsya animal!"

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Siberian arrow 

production and sales of 3D target archery


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